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Our highly demanded STEM sessions have returned for yet another year. Each time, we offer these scientific experiments as an alternate to the tutoring sessions for any interested(5-12 grade) students. Sessions this year include:

February 11th: Rainbows and Slime

We will explore fundamentals of chemistry with density and pH! We will be creating rainbow jars and discussing how the liquids arrange themselves based on density. Also, relating to density, we will create lava lamps and they can take them home! Then, we will discuss and experiment with the pH of household supplies by using the natural pH indicator, cabbage leaves! If we have time, we'll make slime to take home as well.

February 25th: Plasma Cutting/Catapult Competition

This will be an engineering session! We will be creating small plasma cutters using pencil lead and batteries. Also, we'll be making catapults with popsicle sticks and having a small competition.

March 4th: Create your own instruments/Bell Tower Tour

We'll discuss the physics of music (equations behind frequency, wavelength, open and closed tubes) and have them make their own instruments for the first hour (ex. a rough guitar using different lengths of rubber bands or a straw flutes of different lengths). Then, we can have the Bell Tour for the last hour!

March 25th: 2nd Annual Egg Drop Challenge

Another physics session where we'll make and design containers to prevent our eggs from cracking. It'll be a competition for their designs, and we'll also have a paper airplane competition.

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