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April 18th 2024

Hello STP Family!

Another successful school year has come to a close! The 2023-2024 school year was challenging, exciting, fun, enlightening...all of the above!

For us, this school year was also reflective. 

We entered the school year knowing this would be our last as STP's directors. For the past six years, it has been an honor to serve...even on those cold and snowy Saturday mornings!

To our tutors, thank you and we hope you continue to support STP by sharing your expertise. To our students and families, thank you and we hope you continue to trust STP to meet your academic needs.

We just cannot thank you enough, THANK YOU!

We will miss seeing you each week but this is not a is a see you later!

-Brittney & Rafael

From: Church of the Covenant

March 14th 2024

Dear Parents, Students and Tutors,

We want to update you on an upcoming change to the Saturday Morning Tutoring Program.  Brittney Terrell and Rafael Sturdivant are leaving the program at the end of this school year.  Join us in thanking them for their great leadership and dedication to the program over the past 6 years as directors and many prior years as part of the Core Team.  Rest assured the Saturday Tutoring Program will continue at the Church of the Covenant. We are in the process of identifying a new Director(s) to lead the program in the Fall and beyond. 

The Saturday Tutoring Program is a key program for the Church and our mission.  We will continue to communicate with you using this email address.  If you have any recommendations for the program or new Director, please let us know.



Mary Anne Bromelmeier

Moderator Ministry of Service

(Snack Lady, Front Door Greeter)

Hello STP Family!

Due to winter weather conditions, we are canceling tomorrow's tutoring session.

Stay warm & safe. See you next week!

-Brittney & Rafael

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