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 All families are asked to ACCEPT calls from our mass-message system, One Call Now, 877-698-3261; and to reach us, CALL our 24-hour voicemail, 216-505-0885, or email

  • BE IN THE BUILDING BY 9:45 A.M. and STAY UNTIL NOON. Students arriving after 9:45 a.m. will not be admitted.  Students who cannot stay until the noon dismissal should not attend that Saturday. 

  • BE PRESENT. Three consecutive unexcused absences warrants removal from our active roster.

  • BRING assignments or homework:

         1. In the areas of English, reading, math, social studies, or science;

         2. Materials for scoring well on the Ohio Graduation Tests, SAT, or ACT;

         3. Materials for working on college applications, college scholarships, resumes                     

  • COMPLETE each Saturday’s writing assignment.  

  • KEEP PHONES  and electronic devices OUT OF SIGHT, on vibrate, or off during tutoring sessions unless permitted to use for an assignment.

  • FOLLOW the instructions of the tutors and staff. 

Students, tutors, and families will NOT EXCHANGE personal information (phone numbers, e-mails, pictures, student progress, etc.) without the consent of a program director, Brittney Terrell or Rafael Sturdivant.

Our Expectations of Students: Welcome
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